Biddick Academy - Student Support

Student Support

Student Support

The achievements and well-being of all our students is important to us, whatever their level of ability or the challenges they face.

Biddick Academy is committed to ensuring that all students receive a fully inclusive education. The Academy is a caring community built on the principles of trust, tolerance and responsibility, as well as the values of friendship, excellence and respect.

Every child matters at Biddick Academy.
Every student can achieve.

Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on making sure that our students feel valued, listened to, safe and cared for. Fundamental to achieving this is knowing all of our students as individuals. To achieve this we have a highly skilled pastoral team and support system to provide every student with access to advice and guidance when required.

Special Educational Needs

Student Support Department exists to support pupils and staff in respect of Special Needs issues and advice.

Students who have special learning diffculties or other special needs are catered for in a variety of ways. We always emphasise personalised learning throughout the Academy to match student ability and circumstance. We are careful to ensure that those who receive personalised learning are not made to feel ‘different’.

The academy follows the SEN Code of Practice with great care and practice.