Biddick Academy - House System

House System

House System

Our House System is designed to embody the core values of the Olympics and is an integral part of our school community.

All students and staff at Biddick Academy belong to one of our four Houses:

  • Cram
  • Edwards
  • Ennis
  • Holmes

We actively encourage competition between the Houses in sport, attendance, academic work and other areas.

The House System is used to develop a culture of competition across the Academy with the aim to increase motivation, attendance, attainment and positive attitudes towards others.

Other benefits to the House system include:

  • A sense of achievement outside of the classroom
  • The opportunity to try something new and different (how do you know you are good at something unless you have tried it?)
  • A sense of belonging
  • Positive role models within peer groups
  • The development of key skills such as communication, leadership and resilience