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Want to join Biddick Academy


Biddick Academy works hard with Schools to plan transition opportunities that support every individual student on their journey to starting school in Year 7. We work collaboratively with all local schools working with them from early in KS2 to provide a range of opportunities designed to ease with process of change.

These experiences include:

  • Gifted and Talented Numeracy/Literacy weekly sessions
  • Science workshops
  • Thinking Skill Challenge days
  • Technology project work
  • Sporting Competitions and Festivals
  • School Performances

In addition a formal offer for all includes:

  • Early Transition opportunities for the anxious/more vulnerable students
  • A full transition week to get to know tutors and form classes
  • Open Evenings
  • New intake evenings for parents to meet staff/tutors
  • Summer School

We aim to provide the best individual transition experience possible and have team of staff who are continuing to develop this programme. For any further information on what transition may look like for your child please contact Mr J. Houghton at school on (0191) 561 3680.