Biddick Academy - Key Academy Information

Key Academy Information

1. School Contact Details

Mr P Cowen, Head Teacher
Biddick Academy
Biddick Lane, Washington, NE38 8AL

Telephone: 0191 5111600
Fax: 0191 417 2897

2. Admissions

View information on our website here or view the City of Sunderland Admissions Information here

3. OFSTED Reports and Recent Monitoring Visit Information

Click on the link below to access the OFSTED reports and monitoring visit information for Biddick Academy.

OFSTED Information


4. Not Applicable

5. Key Stage 4 Results

Click on the below link to access Biddick Academy most recent Key Stage 4 Results.

Achievement and Progress Data 2017

Progress 8 explained

New GCSE grades explained

6. School Performance Tables

Click on the below link to access the School Performance Table relating to Biddick Academy.

Performance Table

7. School Curriculum Information

Click on the below link to access information relating to the extensive curriculum provided by Biddick Academy. Details of all qualifications that can be obtained are listed in the document attached to the links. Further information can be obtained by contacting the school directly

Information for Parents relating to KS3 and KS4 subjects

KS4 Course Information

KS4 Information for Parents

KS3 Information for Parents

8. Behaviour/Climate for Learning Policy

Click on the link below to access Biddick Academy Behaviour Policy.

Behaviour Policy

9. Pupil Premium Grant & Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up

Click on the link below to access information about the Pupil Premium Grant.

Pupil Premium 2017-2018

To find out how we intend to spend our allocation for 2017-2018 and how, in 2016-2017 the spend made a difference, please click the following link:

Literacy and Numeracy catch up premium 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-2018

10. Special Education Needs Report

Click on the link to access the SEN report for Biddick Academy.

Student Support - SEND Policy

Student Support - SEND Information Report

Unity Centre - SEND Information Report

11. Charging and Remission Policy

Click on the link to be re-directed to the correct webpage to access information relating to the Charging and Remission Policy for Biddick Academy.

Charging & Remission Policy

12. School Ethos and Values

Click on the link to be re-directed to the correct webpage to ascertain the ethos and values of Biddick Academy.

Ethos & Values 

13. Statement of Account

Statement of Account 2017

14.  Whistleblowing Policy

Biddick Academy Whistleblowing Policy

15. Memorandum of Association

Biddick Academy Memorandum of Association

16. Articles of Association

Biddick Academy Articles of Association

17. Funding Agreement

Biddick Academy Funding Agreement

18. Equality Objectives

Biddick Academy Equality Objectives

19. Exclusion Information

Biddick Academy Exclusion Information

20. Accessibility Plan

Biddick Academy Accessibility Plan