Biddick Academy - Information on Medication

Information on Medication

At Biddick Academy we are committed to supporting students with their medical needs. Our medication policy is in place so that staff and parents are aware of the guidelines we will be working to in connection with administering medication in school.

Whilst there is no legal or contractual duty on staff in school to administer medicines or supervise students taking their medication, nevertheless, we wish to support our students where we can. The prime responsibility for a student’s health lies with the parent or carer who is responsible for the student’s medication and should supply the school with any relevant information.

We will ensure:

  • That the medication is kept in a secure place during the school day
  • That the medication is only accessed by an identified person
  • That each time the medication is administered the school’s medication record is completed

What we expect parents to do:

  • We would expect parents not to ask staff to administer medication unless it is absolutely essential that this takes places within school hours
  • Any medication brought into school should be done so by a responsible adult (e.g. parent/carer)
  • The medication should be brought into school in the pharmacist’s original packaging, with the pharmacist’s name clearly visible
  • Only the amount of medication required for school use should be brought in
  • The prescription and amount to be taken should be typed or printed clearly on the outside of the packaging and there should be no alterations made to the label
  • To provide the name of the doctor prescribing the medication